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The Perfect Essie Manicure

Hello darlings!

This is my first ever blog post, Which is so exciting! I've decided I'm going to blog about the Perfect Essie Manicure. It's very fun to do especially if you enjoy doing your nails or if you're just sick of having plain nails, Now I am in no way shape or form an expert at nail care but I am talking from personal experience. I will also list the price of most of these products and where you can find them. I hope you enjoy and that this post helps you in some way xx.

Ok so the first thing I do is clean all the gunk from under my nails so they're nice and clean. Then I like to tidy my nails up and trim them down so they are short to mid length. I used the "body tools nail clippers."

"Body Tools nail clippers" unknown cost and unknown distributer of this product. 

I will then file my nails to a more oval shape using the "Models Prefer mini crystal nail file." I absolutely love this nail file it is so cute, does a good job and looks and feels so amazing. I recommend this product as it is made from hand cut crystal glass and doesn't damage your nails at all. 

"Models Prefer mini crystal nail file" $9.99 aud sold at

I then go onto use the "Apricot cuticle oil by Essie" which is designed to provide beneficial moisture for smoother, softer more supple cuticles. You apply it by putting the tiniest amount on each nail and then using your fingers to massage it into the nail and around your cuticles for 2 minutes. I can't even describe how good this smells but if I had to I would say it has a fruity sweet scent I love it so much, it is advised to use this 2 times a day for optimal results. I recommend this product to anyone who wants healthy and beautiful looking nails that smell fabulous.

"Apricot cuticle oil by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at 

Next to be applied is the "First base base coat by Essie" and this is a base coat (obviously) what it does is it protects colour wear, resists chipping and creates a smooth canvas for colour application. I quite like this base coat as it drys really fast and that's a big issue for me as I hate waiting for nails to dry so I have quickly come to love this and another plus is that the applicating brush is larger than normal and I just found this so awesome you only need the tiniest amount it's just so great. It also doesn't have a scent whatsoever so if you hate the smell of nail polish than this would be ideal for you even though you will have to smell it later on..

 "First base base coat by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at 

Now for the fun part, colour!! Now you can use any colour you would like but I am using the "Nothing else metals in the Mirror Metallics collection by Essie" which is described as a carefree lavender metallic on Although it does look more silver than purple in the photo I promise it's a lovely lavender colour. It is so metallic and stands out so well I really like it. You apply 2 coats of any Essie nail colour so it looks better and can fix any mistakes you may have made the first time.

"Nothing else metals in the mirror metallics collection by Essie" $8.47 aud sold at 

Next up is "All in one by Essie" now this is a pretty good product as it is a base, top coat and helps strengthen the nails. although i've used it for the top coat. Once it's applied after the colour there is an instant glossy look to your nails which is so lovely it makes your nails look healthy and beautiful I really like it.

"All in one by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at

Now this is part is optional this is for all of you who wants to add more plumpness to your nail if you don't like having fuller looking nails than this product probably isn't for you but it is called "Fill the gap by Essie" and this also really helps strengthen your nails as it contains nutria-keratin and bamboo extract. Now it does come out a little milky looking when you apply it so you only need the tiniest amount and then it kind of sinks into the nail and you can see the colour of your nails again!

"Fill the gap by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at

THE FINAL TREATMENT! "No chips ahead by Essie" love this name so much I don't know why.. This helps prolong colour and prevent fading, extends the manicure to last for days and resists chipping and peeling. Now this is a big deal for me because the worst thing I can do is once I have finished go and have them all chipped from doing different things. This actually works so well I highly recommend this product although it is not 100% needed in all manicures I like to use it at the very end.

"No chips ahead by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at

You are done, your perfect Essie manicure is complete! Please feel free to email me at if you have any further questions or if you would like to send me photo's of your nails I would love to see how you guys went. Also please let me know what you may want me to blog about in the future and I will be sure to give it a try and if you could tell people about this blog it would be massively appreciated.

With love, convoygloss xx

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