Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Hello everybody!

I have decided to have a little competition. 

Any one of my followers will receive any brand new Mac lipstick they choose as soon as I have reached 150 followers. To increase your chances of becoming the winner you can share this around on your blog, instagram whatever social networking site you want, But you must be following me to apply for this.

Here are the steps

1. Follow me

2. Share my blog around with other people on any social networking site you own (optional)

3. Email me at and tell me your username on the websites you shared it on so I can see it or let me know in the comments (optional)

4. Let me know what Mac lipstick colour you would be interested in if you are to win in the comments or via email

Note: My Instagram name is convoyglossbeauty and you can screenshot the competition photo, post it on your account and tag my instagram in it with the hashtag #convoyglossmaclipstickcomp


You also apply to this if you follow me on My Bloglovin Account 

I will announce the winner once I reach 150 followers and be following some of you once you follow me.

Thank you and please if you have any further questions feel free to contact me xx

With love, convoygloss xx

©Copyright 2014 convoygloss


  1. I really like the font you use on your blog and i love the background and colour scheme. i hope one day my blog could end up looking like this!
    Summer x x x

    1. Aw thank you, that's very sweet of you :) xx

  2. Love your blog!! I have just started an anonymous blog if you would like to check it out :)

    ---------- ----------

  3. Love your blog! Also loving the theme...How do I enter your MAC giveaway...I'm doing a giveaway also so you might wanna join. P.s Wanna be blog friends? Join my site at the bottom of my page... Just click this link: (copy and paste into URL) Keep writing. Soooomsies.x

    1. Just follow me on here or on bloglovin :) Will check it out xx