Wednesday, 31 December 2014

REVIEW: Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Scrub and Body Wash

Hello fabulous people.

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while I've been quite busy. I have officially moved to my new place which has been exhausting and I just got a new puppy! I've never had a animal before besides fish and 2 horses that lived at my grandparents house so this has been taking up a lot of my time.. Also it was Christmas!! I had such a wonderful holiday, did everyone else have a great holiday too?

Enough rambling.. Anyway, I was showng my Mum this really awesome website called Mecca which sells high end beauty products, skin care things, candles just a lot of amazing stuff so I showed her some Soap and Glory products and she asked me if I could choose 2 items I wanted what would I choose. So I showed her the Sugar Crush Scrub and the Sugar Crush Shower Gel and her exact words to me were "Let me squeeze as many pimples and blackheads as I want and I'll buy them for you." I gave in.. 

Scent: This is a fabulous smell when you've just woken up and hoped in the shower, it's a very fresh scent and it smells exactly like lime lemonade. Both the Shower Gel and Scrub smell the same except the scrub smells a bit stronger to me. 

Effectiveness: A lot of people say if you use a lot of both products then the smell of the Scrub and Gel will last most of the day but I haven't been able to smell it even straight after I've had a shower which is disappointing although I do think I'm not using enough of it. The Gel lathers nicely, the scrub is very gentle and not too harsh which is a plus if you have very sensitive skin like me. I found the scrub to be not so moisturising after I've washed it off which is unusual for me as I've always had scrubs that leave my skin feeling silky smooth after I've used them but again I don't think I've been using enough of the product.

Cost: The Sugar Crush Body Scrub was $16 aud and the Sugar Crush Body Wash was $14 aud

Would I buy this again? Yes, most likely after I've tried the other Soap and Glory products as it smells too good not to purchase again but I'm not in a huge hurry to purchase another one.

Over all rating: I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5 as it smells great and does an okay job but I just had higher hopes.

That is all my darlings. Have you tried the Scrub or Gel? If you have let me know what you thought about it in the comments. Has everyone had a great holiday? Can't believe 2015 is almost upon us, I have a feeling it will be such a wonderful year. Although I'm very nervous since I'll be starting a new school.. Have you seen the competition I'm having? It's the chance for you to win a Mac Lipstick colour of your choice, all you have to do is follow me. For further details check out my MAC LIPSTICK COMPETITION Bye lovelys xx

With love, convoygloss xx

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

50 Facts About Me


I wasn't exactly sure what to blog about so I browsed a couple blogs in search of inspiration and I noticed a few people had been doing the 50 facts about me challenge so I decided to give it a go so some of you could learn a little more about me, I hope you enjoy! 

1. I'm in the process of moving

2. I have an obsession with eating ice (the frozen water kind)

3. Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, The 100 and Keeping up with the Kardashians are my life

4. My favourite bloggers are Cass SersemisZoella and Tanya Burr

5. I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Severe Asthma and minor Aquagenic Urticaria (That's an allergy to water) They all suck badly

6. Fashion, Beauty and writing are my passions 

7. I love creative writing and hope to one day write my own book

8. I collect scented candles but rarely light them

9. Where I live currently is so hot that on the average day it's 43 degrees but the place I'm moving to is freezing so it's a big change

10. I'm incredibly shy and quiet when I meet someone for the first time but once I'm used to them I'm very loud

11. My favourite perfume at the moment is Intimately Beckham it's so lovely

12. 2014 was the best and worst year of my life, horrible things have happened but they led to amazing opportunities

13. I love reading about other people's opinions wether I agree with them or not

14. I'm a pisces

15. I created this blog as an escape from problems I had been having so blogging and that sort of stuff has been a kind of escape for me

16. I am always nice to everyone I meet unless someone is nasty to me for no reason but I tend to ignore people like that

17. My favourite numbers are 21 and 4

18. I hate fried rice with a passion

19. I'm always mistaken for being 3-4 years older than I am

20. I love meeting new, interesting people even though I'm incredibly shy

21. I have prevented 3 people from suicide and to this day it's the best thing I've ever done

22. My memory is absolutely dreadful with important things but if something really interests me I'll never forget it

23. I like to listen to other people's problems and try and help them solve them 

24. I used to lie on a daily basis but I've mostly stopped (except for little white lies)

25. After reading the Mortal Instruments series then watching the movie I wanted to scream and stab the director it was absolutely horrible and nothing at all like the book

26. I am the sort of person who does things that I know I hate just for the sake of it e.g. eat black jelly beans and listen to songs I can't stand

27. Bacon is my lover

28. When I finish school I want to go to America or the UK for a month then come back to Australia and go to University

29. 5 words that most people describe me as include "weird" (I take it as a compliment) "free spirit" "funny" "crazy" "accepting"

30. I have never been in a physical fight

31. I haven't had a proper boyfriend but I want a love that consumes me

32. I no longer have any true friends and that made me so upset for a long time but I'm starting realise that it's a minor bump in the long road that is life (getting deep here)

33. I enjoy getting comments on my blog because they're always so sweet and lovely

34. My favourite word is moist. I don't know why

35. I have dyed my hair over 20 times into many different colours, my hair isn't gross feeling thank god and I have stopped changing it's colour

36. I naturally have really blonde hair and dark brown/black eyes

37. I absolutely love video games 

38. My favourite colour is grey

39. I used to have 12 piercings but only have 6 now

40. Badminton is my favourite sport it is so much fun!!

41. My all time favourite quote is "If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane" By John Green I just find it so powerful

42. I have over 400 books I need to read

43. I am an atheist but I do believe in an afterlife

44. Without my Macbook, I would be nothing.. I'm joking of course

45. I've only left Australia once and that was to go on a cruise which stopped at Noumea, Isle of Pines and 2 other little islands I can't remember and it was so amazing and makes me want to do a lot more travelling

46. Once when I was 6 me and my brother were on our trampoline outside and we had a large slab on concrete under it and one time me and my brother though it would be funny to push each other and I was pushed back so far I fell off and fractured my skull which left me with short term memory loss for a while. I never got him back

47. Sometimes I'll lie in bed and be amazed by how life is the way it is

48. I have a rectangle body shape, weigh 66kg's (hoping to lose some more) and I'm 170cm tall

49. You know how everyone has a bad habit? It may be biting your nails or something like that but mine is ripping my lip skin off and it hurts so badly but I can't stop

50. I didn't know I had 50 facts about myself

Well some of these are certainly boring and pointless but hey, the more you know. Have any of you done the 50 facts about me challenge? If you have please do leave it in the comments below as I love reading these sorts of things (May sound lame but woteva) Have you seen the competition I'm having? It's the chance for you to win a Mac Lipstick colour of your choice, all you have to do is follow me. For further details check out my MAC LIPSTICK COMPETITION Bye lovelys xx

With love, convoygloss xx

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Mini Priceline Haul

Hello loves.

Today I got to go shopping! Which meant I had to go to Priceline (my current favourite shop) For those of you that don't know what Priceline is it is a chemist and it sells drugstore beauty products from all different kinds of brands. If you would like to check it out their website is I had a look at what they had and couldn't resist a couple of bits and pieces to add to my collection. Here they are!

First thing I grabbed was the Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof, after hearing about it being raved by so many people but mainly Tanya Burr (who is a beauty guru and has her own cosmetic line). She always talks about how she has never found a mascara that compares to the Maybelline Falsies so I purchased one in the colour Very Black and decided to give it a go. Once I arrived home I applied it and it gave off a very natural full eyelash look I really liked it and will continue to purchase it. 

"Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Waterproof in Very Black" $19.95 aud available at Priceline

Next thing I found was the Maybelline Baby lips lip balm in Anti-Oxidant Berry and Mango Pie now I have an obsession with lip balms and I'm always on the hunt for new ones so I bought 2 of the Baby Lips and they both smell great and have an SPF of 20 which I thought was a really great bonus! The name is very accurate my lips feel so soft after application so I'm quite impressed with this product.

"Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango Pie and Anti-Oxidant Berry" $3.95  aud each available at Priceline 

Then I saw the Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadow in Nude Ingénu now this is a product I have never heard of but I really wanted a little compact of drugstore eyeshadow so I decided to purchase this, it has a creamy highlighter eyeshadow with shimmer, my favourite which is a tan medium brown with shimmer and a mud brown matte shade which is also very pretty and has a little glitter but it's not too noticeable and can work for everyday use.

"Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadow in Nude Ingénu" $28 aud available at Priceline

Last but not least I stumbled upon the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm which is a lip crayon and I bought the colour Audacious which is a Orangey Coral colour and it's very pretty. I made this purchase because of Zoella as she purchased these and said they were very lovely and matte so I thought I'd give it a go. 

"Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm" $17.95 aud available at Priceline


That concludes my haul! Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Do let me know in the comments. Have you seen the competition I'm having? It's the chance for you to win a Mac Lipstick colour of your choice, all you have to do is follow me. For further details check out my MAC LIPSTICK COMPETITION. Bye lovelys xx

With love, convoygloss xx

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November Favourites

Hellooooo people of the interweb!

I'm going to do a monthly favourites at the start of every month talking about what I have been loving the previous month, if that makes any sense.. Now I have been trying to take photo's of the products I've been loving but the camera on my phone has become really blurry so I'm going to use photo's from websites, credit will be given to them. Enjoy xx

The first thing I have been loving this month is a candle, I was searching all over spotlight for the perfect candle and I saw that they sold yankee candles so I was very excited and had high hopes. I smelt them all and the only one I loved was the Christmas Eve Yankee Candle but it was $30! I didn't love it that much, So I kept on searching until I stumbled upon this beauty, it is the "Emporium Scented Glass Candle Jar in Ruby Guava" this is probably hands down the best candle I have ever smelt, It smells like berry shampoo and conditioner and was half the price of the yankee candle! 

"Emporium Scented Glass Candle Jar in Ruby Guava" $14.99 aud available at Spotlight

This product is a life saver, I used to suffer from very dry lips and my lips skin would become flakey and I'd pull it off then my lips would bleed it just really sucked. Until one day I saw a lot of people talking about how good the eos lip balm was so I decided to give it a go. I bought 2 in the flavours Strawberry Sorbet and Blueberry Acai and oh my godddddd they are so amazing! They're very light when you apply them but they do such a good job my lips feel and look so much softer and the best part is when you put them on your lips you can kind of taste it and it is so good. My favourite is Strawberry Sorbet because I can taste it better than the Blueberry Acai one. I highly recommend this product. 

"Strawberry Sorbet eos lip balm" $8 aud available at photo credit to the website

"Blueberry Acai eos lip balm" $8 aud available at photo credit to the website

The next thing I have been loving is the Rimmel wake me up concealer, This is such a good product to put on before foundation or if you don't want to wear too much make up but want to cover a few pesky spots or dark bags under your eyes. I am one of those people who have dark areas under my eyes so it looks like I am seriously depriving sleep or just got punched in the face. So I like to use this to cover it, I find it has really good coverage, I strongly recommended this product and couldn't resist it after hearing Zoella rave about it for so long.

"Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory" $12.69 aud available at Chemist Warehouse photo credit to the website

This here is my first ever make up brush. It is the Real techniques setting brush and I am so impressed with the quality of it for such a cheap price, I have heard about this brand being raved about for a while by many people so I decided these brushes would be worth a try and I had purchased the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer the same day so I was looking for a brush that would help me blend it out instead of using my finger. I'm extremely impressed with this product, very soft on the face and easy to use.

"Real Techniques Setting Brush" $14.99 aud available at Priceline photo credit to galleryhip

There you have it! My November favourites, I know there may not be many things to some people but this is all I have been really loving. Have you seen the competition I'm having? It's a chance to win a Mac lipstick colour of your choice, all you have to do is follow me. For further details check out my MAC LIPSTICK COMPETITION. Hope you enjoyed this post, Byeeee xx

With love, convoygloss xx

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Hello everybody!

I have decided to have a little competition. 

Any one of my followers will receive any brand new Mac lipstick they choose as soon as I have reached 150 followers. To increase your chances of becoming the winner you can share this around on your blog, instagram whatever social networking site you want, But you must be following me to apply for this.

Here are the steps

1. Follow me

2. Share my blog around with other people on any social networking site you own (optional)

3. Email me at and tell me your username on the websites you shared it on so I can see it or let me know in the comments (optional)

4. Let me know what Mac lipstick colour you would be interested in if you are to win in the comments or via email

Note: My Instagram name is convoyglossbeauty and you can screenshot the competition photo, post it on your account and tag my instagram in it with the hashtag #convoyglossmaclipstickcomp


You also apply to this if you follow me on My Bloglovin Account 

I will announce the winner once I reach 150 followers and be following some of you once you follow me.

Thank you and please if you have any further questions feel free to contact me xx

With love, convoygloss xx

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My Beauty Christmas Wishlist

Hello beautiful people!

As you may know, Christmas is a month away! Who else is super excited? As I realised how soon it was I started to think what did I want for christmas that was beauty related? So I browsed a couple of blogs in search of inspiration and I found a couple things I was majorly interested in and thought maybe some of you would like to see what I want or maybe you're looking for inspiration yourself! So without further ado, I introduce my beauty christmas wish list! 

"Zoeva rose golden luxury set" Click here to view

"Keepsakes/Plum eye by Mac" Click here to view

"Politely pink by Mac"  Click here to view

"Urban decay naked one palette" Click here to view

"Clarins summer bronzing compact" Click here to view

"Too faced Natural eyes collection" Click here to view

"Too faced Sweethearts Beads Radiant Glow Face Powder" Click here to view

"Nars And God Created Woman part 2" Click here to view

"Bourjois Liquid Eyeliner" Click here to view 

"Nude by Nature Virgin Blush" Click here to view

"Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation" Click here to view

Yeah I may have gotten carried away.. But a girl can dream right? Have any of you guys tried some of these products? Are they any good? Do let me know if you have the time to and I will be sure to read your comments.

With love, convoygloss xx

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Perfect Essie Manicure

Hello darlings!

This is my first ever blog post, Which is so exciting! I've decided I'm going to blog about the Perfect Essie Manicure. It's very fun to do especially if you enjoy doing your nails or if you're just sick of having plain nails, Now I am in no way shape or form an expert at nail care but I am talking from personal experience. I will also list the price of most of these products and where you can find them. I hope you enjoy and that this post helps you in some way xx.

Ok so the first thing I do is clean all the gunk from under my nails so they're nice and clean. Then I like to tidy my nails up and trim them down so they are short to mid length. I used the "body tools nail clippers."

"Body Tools nail clippers" unknown cost and unknown distributer of this product. 

I will then file my nails to a more oval shape using the "Models Prefer mini crystal nail file." I absolutely love this nail file it is so cute, does a good job and looks and feels so amazing. I recommend this product as it is made from hand cut crystal glass and doesn't damage your nails at all. 

"Models Prefer mini crystal nail file" $9.99 aud sold at

I then go onto use the "Apricot cuticle oil by Essie" which is designed to provide beneficial moisture for smoother, softer more supple cuticles. You apply it by putting the tiniest amount on each nail and then using your fingers to massage it into the nail and around your cuticles for 2 minutes. I can't even describe how good this smells but if I had to I would say it has a fruity sweet scent I love it so much, it is advised to use this 2 times a day for optimal results. I recommend this product to anyone who wants healthy and beautiful looking nails that smell fabulous.

"Apricot cuticle oil by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at 

Next to be applied is the "First base base coat by Essie" and this is a base coat (obviously) what it does is it protects colour wear, resists chipping and creates a smooth canvas for colour application. I quite like this base coat as it drys really fast and that's a big issue for me as I hate waiting for nails to dry so I have quickly come to love this and another plus is that the applicating brush is larger than normal and I just found this so awesome you only need the tiniest amount it's just so great. It also doesn't have a scent whatsoever so if you hate the smell of nail polish than this would be ideal for you even though you will have to smell it later on..

 "First base base coat by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at 

Now for the fun part, colour!! Now you can use any colour you would like but I am using the "Nothing else metals in the Mirror Metallics collection by Essie" which is described as a carefree lavender metallic on Although it does look more silver than purple in the photo I promise it's a lovely lavender colour. It is so metallic and stands out so well I really like it. You apply 2 coats of any Essie nail colour so it looks better and can fix any mistakes you may have made the first time.

"Nothing else metals in the mirror metallics collection by Essie" $8.47 aud sold at 

Next up is "All in one by Essie" now this is a pretty good product as it is a base, top coat and helps strengthen the nails. although i've used it for the top coat. Once it's applied after the colour there is an instant glossy look to your nails which is so lovely it makes your nails look healthy and beautiful I really like it.

"All in one by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at

Now this is part is optional this is for all of you who wants to add more plumpness to your nail if you don't like having fuller looking nails than this product probably isn't for you but it is called "Fill the gap by Essie" and this also really helps strengthen your nails as it contains nutria-keratin and bamboo extract. Now it does come out a little milky looking when you apply it so you only need the tiniest amount and then it kind of sinks into the nail and you can see the colour of your nails again!

"Fill the gap by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at

THE FINAL TREATMENT! "No chips ahead by Essie" love this name so much I don't know why.. This helps prolong colour and prevent fading, extends the manicure to last for days and resists chipping and peeling. Now this is a big deal for me because the worst thing I can do is once I have finished go and have them all chipped from doing different things. This actually works so well I highly recommend this product although it is not 100% needed in all manicures I like to use it at the very end.

"No chips ahead by Essie" $17.95 aud sold at

You are done, your perfect Essie manicure is complete! Please feel free to email me at if you have any further questions or if you would like to send me photo's of your nails I would love to see how you guys went. Also please let me know what you may want me to blog about in the future and I will be sure to give it a try and if you could tell people about this blog it would be massively appreciated.

With love, convoygloss xx

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